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Dan researched and wrote this script a couple years ago while trying to find a way into the film industry.  Shopping it briefly, he received a lot of interest in the script from several companies that specialize in short film content.  His only condition during negotiations was that he get to direct it, but being an untried, first-time director, everyone tried to persuade him that he shouldn’t.  Homeless at the time, the pressure to give in was strong, but he refused to budge.

The Story Behind the Story

Then his close friend, Frankie, told him, “Fuck ‘em.  Make it yourself.  I’ll help you.”  So Dan kept the script and, without a dime to his name, proceeded to preproduction as if he had a budget.  Or gear.  Or a crew.  Or a cast.  Or locations.  Or money to feed himself.


He’s worked on many “passion projects” for free in the past, but still hates asking for favors himself.  But he swallowed his pride and contacted friends he had crewed with in the past.  Amazingly, friends came out of the woodwork to help and they loved the script. 

Frankie offered his camera and a couch to sleep on.  JB came with lights, Maria with money for props, lenses, wardrobe and food.  His camera department friends came and

AC’d.  His acting class friends PA’d and Terrance AD’d the hell out of it. 

The Russell's brought their food truck and donated breakfast and lunch.  Amy came on as Set Medic and Line Producer.  Travis, Casey and Deb lent their homes.  Dylan lent props and gear.  Brian composed an amazing original score.  Catherine lent her classic Porsche, her computer and her spare bedroom.  SAG and the Student Teachers’ Union helped him wade through all the paperwork and regulations.  Everyone took turns blowing up balloons and sucking helium. 


And together they all made “Miriam’s Balloons.”


"Making movies is like herding cats in a rocking chair factory."

                                               - Dan



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