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His "two cents":  Look inside yourself for that child-like curiosity about the world that we so quickly beat out of our children and you will find the passion you once had for this crazy adventure called Life.  Try hard to never be the smartest guy in the room.  Never be afraid of failure, and fuck this whole obsession with success and excess thing we do in America.  Fail big and fail often – it means you’re trying new things and you’re still learning, and eventually that WILL make you a success.




Dan Czerwonka



A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Dan grew up as an artist, then put himself through Georgetown law school and went to work on Wall Street before returning to his artistic roots.  “Miriam’s Balloons” is his directorial debut.


Dan loves storytelling and the passionate, dynamic atmosphere of filmmaking where every project provides new challenges and new learning opportunities.  He is inspired by people who never give up, regardless of life's obstacles.

Franklin Guerrero



Franklin is an award winning Cinematographer with a unique and versatile visual style.  His passion and energy are apparent in every frame he shoots.  His narrative work includes features and shorts including the cult classic "The 8th Plague,” "Carver" and the horror/comedy short "The Town that Christmas Forgot." He shoots various commercial and media content for both Asian and North American markets.  His portfolio includes cinematography for Marks & Spencer, SK-II Asia Pacific, Selected Menswear China, Adidas, Epic Electric Vehicles and Confetti by Annette.  As a music video director, he has worked with such hip-hop and r&b artists as YG, Grammy-nominated DJ Mustard, Cali Swag District and Tee Flii.

Brain Langsbard



Shortly after graduating from the Eastman School of Music, Brian returned to his hometown of Los Angeles and to compose and conduct music for the Warner Brother’s  Batman  Animated Series in  1994 under the tutelage of lead composer Shirley Walker.  Shortly thereafter he began scoring his own shows making a mark in the true crime documentary genre with shows like City Confidential and the long running hit show Snapped.


Brian’s television work has earned him 2 Emmy nominations for original score.  His music has accompanied numerous Emmy award-winning TV shows.  While continuing to score films and TV series, Brian reached some of his largest audiences as he became the primary composer for Major League Baseball productions.  On numerous occasions his original music helped brand MLB’s grandest events including All Star and World Series pre-game tributes to America’s war veterans and 9/11 victims in addition to events celebrating the presidents of the United States and notable baseball legends.  He recently scored the Will Ferrell comedy “Ferrell Takes the Field” for HBO and a 4 part documentary series on the Smithsonian Channel.

Associate Producers:

Joseph Czerwonka

Dylan S. O'Brien

Executive Producers:

Maria Kocharian

Rick & Betty Czerwonka

Assistant Director - Terrance Kiriokos

Writer/Director/Editor - Dan Czerwonka

Cinematographer & VFX editor - Franklin Guerrero

Composer - Brian Langsbard

Vocals Sung By - Jess Gordon

Sound Designer - Jody Nazzaro

Wardrobe Stylist - Maria Kocharian

Art Department - Dan Czerwonka

Makeup - Laurie Hallak

Colorist - Dylan O’Brien

2nd Assistant Director - Tiffani Ann Mills 

Additional AD - Craig Kiriokos

Gaffer - JB Culp

Assistant Camera - Casey Oberhansli

                            Dillon Oberhansli

                            Quentin Reynolds

Script Supervisor - Tiffani Ann Mills

Director’s Assistant - Molly Russell

Set Medic - Amy Larsen

Location Manager - Travis Farrell

Accounting - Shareen Pena

Catering - Tupper & Amy Russell

Graphic Designer - Joseph Czerwonka

Production Assistants:  Ashley Rae Johnson

                                 Jack London

                                 Courtney Eccleston

Catherine Sutton

Travis & Casey Farrell

Deborah Lemen

Kevin & Annette Miller

Marie Startz

Travis & Becca Smith

Rick & Betty Czerwonka

Nicole Kershner

Portis Hershey

Dylan, Holly & Dustin O’Brien

Herman & Nathan Johannsen

Minimus Felinis

Michael Sarnoski

J. Sebastian Fendelander

Elise Solomon

Bobby & Amanda Moresco

Patrick McGinley

Rachel Grissom

Danny Roew & Mikki Mammil

Josh & Adrienne Evilsizor

Mark Wilenkin

William Mapother

Mali Elfman

AJ McLean

Tommy McCarthy

Jeff Timmons

Keith Jeffries & Carrie Keagan

Catherine Carlen

Beth Grant

Jim Chaconas

Samy’s Camera

Fiilex Lights




Amy Larsen 

Dan Czerwonka

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