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Gracie Miller

"Atropos" (Lead)


Gracie began working as an actor in Hollywood in May of 2013 at the age of 6. She is represented by The Savage Agency of Hollywood and lives in California with her mom and dad and her 14 year old sister Emily who is also an actor.  Gracie has appeared on television, in music videos and over a dozen short films.  Some of her more prominent roles include a lead role in "Spread of the Simian Flu", a short film by Twentieth Century Fox and Motherboard for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes". Gracie's touching performance impacted the direction of the feature film.


Gracie was the lead in the music video, "Unbreakable" by artist/writer Jamie Scott. Gracie has appeared in an episode of "My Haunted House" on Lifetime's LMN channel as well as on Nickelodeon and The Fine Brothers YouTube Channel.  Her growth as an actor has been cultivated by renowned acting coaches Deborah Lemen and Tracy Martin and she loves her improv class at Studio LOL.  Gracie's passion in life is acting and has earned an excellent reputation on set for her professionalism and her intelligence as an actor.  She is fun, witty and energetic and has a unique wisdom about her that goes beyond her years.  Gracie's interests outside of acting  are  horseback riding,  skiing, rollerblading, singing, drawing  and

Lindsay Heath

"Miriam's Mother"


Originally from Ohio, Lindsay is one of those rare LA based actresses you hear about.  She dabbles in all things Hollywood including television, film and print.


She is currently majoring in commercials because she is too precious to work for more than a day.  Her commercial credits include Arco, Samsung, IBM and Honda.


Between cracking skulls and taking names she is bulking up her resume with short films and student projects. The next big something is always supposedly around the corner.

Blayne Smith


Blayne is a 7 year old actor originally from Fort Worth, Texas.  He started acting at the age of 4.  He has done commercials, TV and film.  He has a big personality and loves meeting new people.  


Though he has a big smile and baby face, he really enjoys deeper characters and exploring their emotional realities.  He genuienly loves being on set and learning about every aspect of production.  He's known to ask lots of questions about everyone's jobs on set.  Aside from acting, Blayne enjoys taking dance class, playing baseball, and playing with friends.

Raquel Startz



playing with her dolls and friends.  Gracie is also always working on her British and Southern accents.  If you run into her in public she will either be speaking in one of her accents, or passionately singing at the top of her voice.  Her favorite movies usually include sharks, monsters or inane comedy.

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